Boontech Engineering is a multi-facet company which started its operation in 1991 as a manufacturer of selected clean-room products, metal fabrication works and all kind of jig & fixture, high precision tools & machine parts.

Their engineers are skilled in the design and development of various equipment and machinery for use by clean-room manufacturing facilities and semiconductor industry. Through years of experience & growth, Boontech Engineering has evolved into a leading edge company with reputation for quality & services.

With a broad range of well over 200 specially designed products developed for clean-room use, Boontech Engineering is recognized for its unique ability to address the engineering needs and requirements of such facilities.

Boontech’s products and services have been and are currently used by some of the world’s large multinational-semiconductor companies such as Infineon, Honeywell Aerospace, Jabil Circuit, Thermal Product Solutions (USA), Osram Opto Semiconductor, First Solar Malaysia, Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.

Boontech has worked with numerous other manufacturers in identifying process-contamination issues and had provided upgrading solutions for these facilities and its production lines.

It has been able to save its clients from substantial loss of capital expenditures by providing a more desirable and alternate methods for their existing facilities whereby energy efficiency, manufacturing flow routing, personnel techniques, and machine upgrades can return higher end product yields with improved quality.

Quality and Services are the utmost priority in Boontech’s commitment to their customers. Timely delivery and good quality control with motivated, skilled and experienced machinists will ensure that finished products fulfill customers demand & requirement.

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– To continually improve on the Management System
– To achieve sustainable growth of 10% in Sales Revenue continuously effective 2011
– To strive for ZERO External Reject always
– To implement 4R effectively in all aspects of operation
– To have continuous Environmental Improvement Programmes



Be environmentally friendly by practicing 4R (reduce, reuse, recycle and result)
with continuous improvement

Take responsibility to prevent pollution directy or indirectly and contribute to
clean development initiative as part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Ensure compliance with applicable Legal and Regulatory Requirement



Provision and Practice
The management will provide the necessary resources and trainings
for the practice of a safe, health and environmentally friendly workplace.

Employees are empowered to take action in time of emergency

In accordance with legal and Regulatory Requirements of Department of
Safety & Health (DOSH)

Have adequate warning and communication to ensure continuous
Safety & Health

Ensure Productivity
Through Safety, Health and Environmental Care